Classic Varanasi Sightseeing Tour



Experience the mystical wonders of Varanasi, India’s holiest city, where the sacred Ganges river flows. Varanasi attracts believers, pilgrims, and tourists from all over the world who wish to visit the Ganges at least once in their lifetime. The morning baths and evening prayer ceremonies along the banks of the Ganges offer mesmerizing and mystical views that captivate onlookers. The chaotic yet enchanting scenes of narrow alleys and the sacred ambiance of cremation Ghats leave an indelible impression. Explore the essence of India in Varanasi, where the mystical spirit of India comes to life.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Delhi to Varanasi
  • As per your flight schedule, a private car will pick you up and transfer you to the airport: Flight Included
  • Arrival in Varanasi: Visit Manikarnika Ghats (Cremation Ghats), Vishwanath Temple, and Durga Temple
  • Evening: Witness the Hindu prayer ceremony (Puja) on the banks of the Ganges
  • Overnight stay in Varanasi
Day 2: Varanasi to Delhi
  • Early morning: Enjoy a boat ride on the Ganges, observing Hindu devotees bathing
  • As per your flight schedule, a private car will pick you up and transfer you to the airport: Flight Included
  • Arrival in Delhi: Drop-off at your preferred hotel, station, etc.
  • Breakfast: Available for guests with hotel reservations
  • Lunch: Not specified
  • Dinner: Not specified
  • We can guide you to restaurants as per your budget and preference.
Included in the Price:
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax) at 5%, as per Indian government regulations
  • Private car and parking fees
  • Highway toll charges
  • Various local taxes and fees
Not Included in the Price:
  • Domestic flight tickets
  • Hotel accommodation expenses
  • Entrance fees to tourist attractions
  • Meals not included in the itinerary
  • Fees for optional tour guides
  • Tips for restaurants, drivers, guides, etc.
  • Personal expenses such as communication costs, travel insurance, medical expenses, etc.
  • Additional costs related to changes in the chosen tour plan
  • If you require hotel reservations, please let us know, and we can assist you.
Important Notes
  • Ganges River Bathing Scenery Tour: Please note that in case of adverse weather conditions, local circumstances, or during high water periods, boat rides may be suspended. In such cases, the tour will proceed with onshore viewing.
  • Restricted Smartphone Use and No Photography Zones: Certain tourist areas have restrictions on bringing smartphones and taking photos.
  • Changes to Itinerary Due to Local Transportation and Weather Conditions: The tour itinerary and content may be subject to changes based on local transportation conditions and weather circumstances.
  • Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations: Significant fluctuations in currency exchange rates may result in changes to the tour prices. Please verify the current rates when making your reservation.
  • COVID-19 Prevention Measures: To prevent the spread of COVID-19, some facilities may require advance ticket reservations. Tickets for these facilities can be purchased starting one week before the visit. Passport copies may be required for arranging these tickets. Please confirm the details during the booking process.

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